DIY Sanitization Tunnel Kit

  • Parts included: pressure pump, power supply 24V, 10M pipe, 6 nos nozzle, 5 t type connector, 1 L type connector, manual
  • 20 to 30 Minutes Easy assemble
  • Which sanitizer should we use: Natural Isopropyl alcohol
  • 48 Hour instant Dispatch after booking

4,999.00 9,999.00

The world is facing its worst time because of the novel Corona virus pandemic attack. The rapidly spreading novel Corona virus outbreak has been declared a pandemic by WHO. Since the virus is new, there is no vaccine available, and to develop a new vaccine, takes a number of years. The novel Corona virus transmits through respiratory microdroplets, direct contact with infected, and contaminated surfaces/objects as well. The only cure is to stay home and wash hands frequently so that the virus could not break into the body. The government has lockdown cities and countries to keep people inside and safe. Still, for livelihood necessities or to perform a duty, some of us have to come out at common gathering places such as supermarkets, Hospitals, Police Stations, etc. Therefore, under the COVID-19 safety guidelines on the disinfection of common public places, the Sanitizing Booth to prevent Corona virus is constructed. Many Sanitization Booth Manufacturers are working on such machinery across the world you can Buy sanitizer booths in metro cities. Sanitizer spray chambers are extremely effective products the same as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to comply with COVID-19 safety measures. The sanitizing machine can be held at any public place entrance or on exit points where people come and go frequently. The Sanitizer Spray Chamber sprays mist and vapors of disinfectant medicines on a person as soon as they enter the chamber


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